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And now, back in Australia. *sigh* I had so much fun travelling, I really didn't want to come home.

I'll be back, Europe. And for longer, next time...

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 25th birthday.

I spent it at Tintagel, Cornwall.

Legendary birthplace of King Arthur.


I'm in England! Awesome.

So, travelling on planes and trains and stuff is very painful, but the result is awesome! I am now in England, in the very small town of Woodford Bridge. It is very pictureseque, lots of rolling hills and trees and sheep, and woods and stuff.

We flew into London and spent a couple of days exploring- saw the British Museum, went on the London Eye, went into Harrods, and wondered around the city- it's surprisingly easy to get around on the trains and the Underground.  Portobello Road Markets are certainly an experience!

Now we are in Devon, and will be a week at this very nice resort while we explore the surrounding countryside-and as the parents are here, I assume this means we will be having lots of walks. Obviously.

I will probably ramble at length about all the stuff we do at a later point as I only have a few minutes of internet time left, I miss my unlimited broadband! Time to go do stuff that Is good for me!

Mar. 8th, 2009

In one week, I will be on a plane to England. OMG, so excited! I'm off to my uncle's wedding, which is in Cardiff, Wales. Where they film Doctor Who and Torchwood. I is a geek, oh yes.

It's been ages since I've been travelling to anywhere other than Tasmania so it's going to be awesome.  Why is it not next week already?


So, I has a new show to squee over...

My dear friend has introduced me to Leverage, and she is right- it's awesome. It may just replace Bones as my happy show.


I are sleep deprived.

Mmmmmmm, schadenfreude.

Also, why am I still watching Top Gear? I must have better things to do... surely? Oh, look they're about to explode a caravan...

Boredom remedies.

Yay, day off! Unfortunately the parents have gone out, everyone else seems busy and certain others refuse to answer their phones or reply to messages at all. Therefore I have to make my own fun. This has so far involved watching many, many episodes of Top Gear (this obsession is so getting worse) cause I just got season six. I love this show so very much. The fandom appears to contain much crack.

In conclusion, I want a shiny car to drive very fast in. And season five, I'm running out of episodes...

Jan. 31st, 2009

Visit to Tasmania last week. Why must it be over already? Woe.

But hey, I had a great time, catchig up with Cassie and meeting the boyfriend and the new baby (who is very very cute) and generally watching copious amouts of tv. I introduced her to True Blood, Blood Ties and Top Gear. True Blood and Top Gear went down particularly well, I think. In return, I got shown Sanctuary, Chuck and took home several more shows (Apparitions, The Devil's Whore) to watch at a later date. We didn't actually get anything at all constructive done. Ooops. It was fun, though. Must go back again soon.

I am totally not looking for new shows at the moment, really.

When good tourist campaigns go bad.

Just got home from seeing the new movie Dying Breed. And uh, Tasmania? A movie about crazy cannibals who eat tourists may not quite be what you need to attract more tourists.

I thought it was quite good, mind you. Decently creepy, although I think Katherine is still traumatised. As it finished, I heard a small voice from somewhere in the cinema saying... "Is that what Tasmania is really like?" (I hope not, I'm going there in January...) Does it make me a bad person that I lol'd at the more gruesome bits?