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Melde Erunyauve
21 March 1984
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Part-time university student and sometime witch with a healthy sense of the ridiculous. Addicted to chocolate, science fiction tv shows, the internet and literature of almost any kind. Aspiring writer, amateur historian and occasional drunkard. Mostly nocturnal.
Strengths: Speed-reading, spelling, creative imagination, easily amused, speaking my mind, intelligence and good memory.
Weaknesses: Chocolate, b-grade horror and fantasy movies, gothic horror novels, procrastination, easily distracted (esp. by Shiny Things, Topic Change, or Hot Person), antisocial tendencies.
Special Skills: The ability to remember large amounts of obscure trivia, cooking, generating obscure and interesting insults, last-minute essay writing, finding weird stuff online and annoying my brothers.
Weapons: A nice shiny dagger, laptop and high-speed broadband internet connection, sarcasm, twisted sense of humour, often incomprehensible train of thought and conversation.
Motto: "I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it".

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